• National Best Seller - "Tax Free Retirement" - Audio CD

National Best-Selling book "Tax-Free Retirement"

An updated version to the National Best-Selling book "Tax-Free Retirement" with over 500,000 copies sold. This new edition includes all updated statistic showing how much in debt we really are and the solution to your own retirement. A must read for those who wants to salvage his/her retirement. This book will show you how to grow your money with zero market risk, access your retirement dollars tax-free and leave an income-tax free inheritance to your heirs.

 It would be a miracle

By Cybersid on March 6, 2013
Although many of the themes in the strategy that the author is proposing are real retirement implications to consider, it just isn't as simple as he makes it out to be. So, maybe the book title is appropriate. Be sure to work with a financial professional before committing to a retirement miracle. Although devine intervention never hurts it takes sound planning to position an IUL (when appropriate) as a part of an overall retirement income strategy and landscape.

 Perfect, easy read, investment book

By Tyler Folger on February 28, 2015
Great book for an younger audience. Much of it requires time and accumulation to come to fruition. I would still recommend the book for the unique information and it is very well written for an investment book. The only pitfall is finding a qualified Insurance agent to carry out the plan laid out in the book... not so easy!

 Read it! Your eyes will be opened!

By Mario Brioli on April 28, 2016
Look, There are a lot of ways to save your money. Everyone wants a piece of your earnings. Stop giving it away, and make it work for you. The olden days of stashing your money in a bank and 401k are not going to let you retire. Read it and learn! Talk to an Agent, talk to an advisor! But take action, you cannot afford not to!